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Coolers' Day


A few days ago I have been mounting a new power supply (Chieftec Green Angel 350W * ) when, buy mistake, I noticed that my hard disk was quite hot. Later the sensor reading told me that it was at 45 degrees Celsius, although for me it seemed to have 50-55. After almost a week of waiting for my toys, they arrived today: a hard disk cooler: DeepCool Icedisk 2 DP-IDISK2; and a case fan: Arctic Cooling AF8L . The Arctic Cooling fan is special because it has some rubber elements that help in reducing vibrations. The fan isn't mounted directly on the case; it has some sort of skeleton on which it is fixed with rubber screws. Here's a picture I took with my phone. Sorry for the low quality. The IceDisk cooler is special because of its' silent operation although it has two small fans that rotate at 3500 RPM. It keeps my hard drive at 33 degrees Celsius (have to mention that since it is summer, the room's temeprature is over 23 degrees most of the time). Here are two pictures with the toy mounted on my hard disk: Both of the coolers are very quiet. Specifications say that the noise level is around 20 dB, but when you mount the HDD cooler, it produces more - I estimate around 30 dB. With four fans in the system (CPU, PSU, HDD and case fan) I can say it is still silent.

Please note that I am not a professional reviewer (ok, most of you noticed this at first sight)!

*this little bitch promises to be of 80+ efficiency, with power factor correction and protection to overvoltage. It also has a 12 cm ultra silent fan that has it's speed controlled depending on heat dissipation (which is consumption dependant)