Blog - New PC components Part 3 - Performance

New PC components Part 3 - Performance


I added a Samsung 830 Series 64 GB SSD to the config. This resulted in much faster system startup time and application loading. For comparison, look at the data from the previous config that featured the traditional HDD from Western Digital (which is now used for data storage):
Debian load till login36 sec
Debian shutdown time22 sec
Windows 7 load time40 sec
Windows 7 shutdown time15 sec
And now, check out the performance change:
Debian load till login13 sec
Debian shutdown time18 sec
Windows 7 load time25 sec
Windows 7 shutdown time10 sec
We should also notice the huge change in loading Firefox tabs (I tend to use more than 30 all the time). Here's a comparison made using CrystalDiskMark:
WD 500 GB SATA 2Samsung 830 64 GB
I also made a video presenting the performance differences between the two technologies.