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Old wreck


The grandfather of many... 500 MHz processor, 96 MB of RAM, a less than 20 GB noisy hard disk and aching joints. It sure isn't a proper rival for Chitty, the main character from the Bollywood movie Endhiran (Enthiran).
This wreck came to me exactly as you see: no cover panels, the CD reading unit and the hard drive were not fixed with screws. The latter caused interesting freezes when network cable or headphone cable was plugged into the computer's back.
Taking a look at the inside, I've spotted something that looks and smells similar to a combination of bird feces and rust, although I'm not 100 % sure of that. CPU cooler section.
This one's interesting. Since I tried to have minimal phisical contact with the computer, I remained only with "maybes". It might be that the cooler was partially fixed with 2 screws (on the part near the motherboard) and with some sort of glue. I don't know if you can see this clearly; it was very difficult to take a good angle for shooting. If you don't believe what I wrote here, it's not a problem. Neither I ain't sure of some things. Take a look and decide.
Further rust and dust can be seen below: ...and an impressing view that eases the process of understanding the conditions this poor bastard was supposed to endure: the so-called Molex plugs changed their color into a more browny shade :) I suppose you know how much time does it take to install an operating system on such a computer...
As a bonus, there were problems due to the system freezing when an audio jack or an RJ45 plug was inserted into the corresponding cards; later this was solved by fixing the hard drive to where it should stay in the case :))